About Us




DOGOOD.global is a web portal which aims to be a one-stop information source for ALL THINGS CHARITY (and PHILANTHROPY). Whether you aim to find a deserving charity on the other side of the planet, or you need to connect with resources to “give better”, DOGOOD will be able to open new meaningful paths for you.

For example, we have collated information on charities from various online sources, in one listing. Establishment, Registration, Areas of Focus, Location/Contact info, Social presence, and Reviews by Charity Watchdogs. It’s all there to help you learn more about a particular charity/NGO/non-profit.

Lastly, this is a sincere, empathetic and humble effort to connect those who want to give, with those who need help.



DOGOOD.global’s rollout will be in 4 phases. We’re in Phase 1 now, with many helpful features coming up in the near future.

Starting out in BETA for now, we’re working on serving you better.



We have organized the charities by cause and/or by Country, so that you may search by a cause or country closer to your heart.

We’re increasing and improving our database on a daily basis. If you want to see a particular organization added to this database, please email to info@dogood.global.



Helping you connect with deserving charities across the world, cause by cause, country by country.



Empathy, Humility, Transparency.