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Hope Spring Water (Based in the UK)

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Established Since: 2015
Registration: UK 1165468
Areas of Focus: Assist people and communities in poor, often remote areas in Africa, to identify, develop and establish a sustainable source of clean water. Currently working in Nigeria and other parts of Africa.

  • Assist communities to identify the most ideal source of clean water in or around their community
  • Fund or build a well or a borehole, where that is the most sustainable way to meet a community’s water challenge
  • Educate and provide information, and train developing communities in the importance of basic sanitation and hygiene
  • Emphasize the importance of educating children, the future leaders of their community
  • Work with other WASH NGOs and donor organisations to implement water related development projects
  • Undertake school and community outreach projects to promote the importance of clean water and water conservation
Location: Hope Spring Water, The Pavilion, Castle Green, Hereford HR1 2NW, UK
Phone: 0044 07366 041708
Website: Hope Spring Water
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