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Middle East Children’s Alliance (MECA) Palestine


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Established Since: 1988
Registration: USA 94-3074600
Areas of Focus: Support children and families in Palestine, Iraq and Lebanon through;

  • Direct aid including food, medicine, medical supplies, and clothes as well as books, toys and school supplies.
  • Financial support and professional assistance to community organizations in the West Bank and Gaza that help meet Palestinian children’s needs, including clinics, kindergartens, counseling centers, libraries; accessible parks and playgrounds; sports teams, and dance, music and art programs
  • University scholarships for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank
  • Educational and cultural programs in the US and internationally to increase understanding about the lives of children in the Middle East
Location: Middle East Children’s Alliance, 1101 Eighth Street, Suite 100, Berkeley, CA 94710 USA
Phone: 001 (510) 548-0542
Fax: 001 (510) 548-0543
Email: meca@mecaforpeace.org
Website: MECA
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